VANNI Eyewear in Des Moines

VANNI Glasses at Vogue Vision

At Vogue Vision, we pride ourselves on providing you with a vast selection of eyeglass frames sourced from all over the world. Many of these luxury and designer eyeglasses can’t be found elsewhere in Iowa, and our hand-selected collection of frames is always changing to keep up with the latest trends in the optical space.

For frames that lend an air of sophistication and creativity to your overall look, VANNI’s colorful and stylish eyeglasses are just what you’ve been looking for.


About VANNI Eyeglasses

Founded in 1990 in Turin, Italy, VANNI eyeglasses were so named after the artist Giovanni Vitaloni, known as Vanni to his friends, whose imagination and entrepreneurship inspired the brand. VANNI frames are designed to evoke a unique and artistic aesthetic, often featuring multiple colors and patterns at once. Through over thirty years of research and experimentation, VANNI has become a revolutionary force in the creative eyewear industry.

VANNI Frames

Why Choose VANNI Frames?

VANNI frames are handcrafted in Italy, using custom-formulated acetates and advanced technology to form the pieces that are then manually assembled by a highly specialized team of artisans, using extreme care and attention to detail. With superior construction and unexpected colors and designs at the forefront of their repertoire, Vogue Vision’s collection of VANNI eyeglasses will allow you to make a statement with your everyday style.