Seraphin Eyewear at Vogue Vision in Central Iowa

Vogue Vision is Central Iowa’s favorite destination for the latest in fashionable eyewear. We’ve done extensive research to put together a curated collection of popular frames that we know our clientele will find exciting.

One brand we routinely return to is Seraphin, trusted for its trendsetting styles and fine craftsmanship. For our clients with an eye for detail, Seraphin eyewear is always an excellent choice.

Seraphin Logo

About Seraphin Glasses

One of the brands from classic American design house Ogi Eyewear, the name Seraphin evokes the light and sophistication associated with seraphim. When you hold a pair of Seraphin frames in your hands, you’ll notice the classical influences of eyewear’s most memorable trends, but with a delicate twist that draw second glances in any boardroom, gala, or country club. Seraphin frames are both nimble and durable, able to stand up to the busiest of schedules.

For the past 25 years, Ogi has centered its focus on providing trendy designs to independent opticians and small businesses, and Seraphin is no exception. Seraphin promises to be Classically Captivating, and its devotees are more than happy to trumpet that message.

Seraphin Eyewear

Why Choose Seraphin Eyewear

Seraphin glasses frames are made in Japan from high-quality titanium and acetates — a luxury that’s built to last. These constructions come from an independent design house where designers pour countless hours into ensuring that the materials, manufacturing processes, and everything in between make their eyewear an always-extraordinary choice.

For eyeglasses that subtly but clearly make a statement, and will meld effortlessly into your look for years to come, we enthusiastically recommend Seraphin.  

Seraphin Eyewear