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At Vogue Vision, our curated collection of luxury eyewear and the expertise of our optical staff make us a destination for high-end eyeglasses and sunglasses shopping. One of the most popular brands in our collection is Ray-Ban® — and for good reason.
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About Ray-Ban® Eyeglasses

The Ray-Ban® story begins alongside the aviation boom of the late 1920s and early 1930s. Pilots needed highly specialized sunglasses that wouldn’t fog up under goggles, were impact-resistant, and protected them from the brightness of the open sky. Ray-Ban® responded to this demand with Aviators, at once functional and stylish frames that have become one of the most iconic pairs of sunglasses in history.

With Aviators, Ray-Ban® became synonymous with coolness, allowing them to experiment with all kinds of eyewear. They’re now a household name and top choice for iconic eyewear for any situation, whether that’s an upscale restaurant, a beachside trip, or cruising in an airplane like their designers intended. Their designs have sparked many imitators over the years, but there will only ever be one Ray-Ban®.

Ray-Ban® Frames

Why Choose Ray-Ban® Frames?

Ray-Ban® sunglasses and eyeglasses are an outstanding choice if you’re looking for an iconic flair or have an appreciation for the history behind the frames you’re wearing. They’re time-tested, truly classic glasses: Tom Cruise wore Ray-Ban® Aviator Classic sunglasses in Top Gun and Wayfarers in Risky Business, while Peter Fonda wore the Olympian model in Easy Rider, and those designs stand out as much today as they did on the big screen when they made their debut.

Ray-Ban® designs are timeless expressions of your style, with options for virtually every preference and occasion. For statement eyewear that can’t let you down, choose Ray-Ban®.

Ray-Ban® Frames