ProDesign Glasses at Vogue Vision in Des Moines

Vogue Vision is Central Iowa’s leading provider of luxury eyewear, with a curated collection unlike any other in the region. Our optical staff are experts in fitting customers into striking eyeglasses that are sure to turn heads.

One of the standout brands we carry is ProDesign, the product of a Danish designer known to produce sophisticated, intrinsically Scandinavian frames for all occasions.

ProDesign Logo

About ProDesign Eyewear

ProDesign was created by opticians in 1970s Denmark, a country where high fashion has always been as important as day-to-day functionality. Nearly five decades of optical later, their commitment to meticulously engineering every component of their designs is evident in their three collections: the Danish Heritage Collection, the Axiom Collection, and the Essential Collection.

ProDesign begins with minimalism and practicality. Each frame is given a form that’s exceptionally well-suited for the job it’s meant to do. It’s then given a splash of color, distinctive flair, or other identifying elements to give it life and make it a distinguishing part of your look.

ProDesign Frames

Why Choose ProDesign Frames?

ProDesign eyeglasses are built for stylish functionality. Their minimalistic designs are accentuated with just enough color and personality for a confident-yet-understated look. Innovation in their proprietary hinges makes their frames both technical and sporty. ProDesign considers masculine and feminine facial features when designing frames to make them highly complementary.

ProDesign frames are classy, elegant, and selected by clients who value function as much as form. Come admire the ProDesign selection at Vogue Vision and see for yourself!

ProDesign Frames
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