OGI Eyewear at Vogue Vision in Central Iowa

The place to go for the latest in eyewear fashion is Vogue Vision in Central Iowa. Our thoughtfully curated selections of eyeglasses reflect the refined tastes of our clientele, and our experienced optical staff understands how to find precisely the right style for anyone who visits!

A design house that we’re exceptionally proud to represent is OGI Eyewear, which is home to several independently designed collections that make a statement in both their construction and style.

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About OGI Eyewear

The American design house OGI Eyewear has been in optical for nearly 25 years, and routinely produces new designs that get all of the details right to make truly exceptional frames. Their focus on the finest of details is apparent across their collections: OGI, Red Rose, Seraphin, Seraphin Shimmer, OGI Kids, and Scojo New York. Whether you’re looking for classic designs with a slight twist or forward-thinking frames that draw looks, you can rest assured that there’s a pair of well-designed, carefully manufactured OGI eyeglasses for you.

OGI works exclusively — and directly — with independent opticians and small businesses to export high fashion on a community level. By doing so, they hope to help elevate eyewear from the ground up.

OGI Eyewear

Why Choose OGI Eyewear?

OGI Eyewear works diligently to source only the highest-quality materials, such as titanium and acetate, to make their frames stand the test of time — while still sporting a timeless look. The OGI independent design house is a haven where designers have the freedom to work their signature style into each frame. OGI Eyewear trusts these designers to continually produce at a high level, so you can too.

Due to their eyewear’s durability and uncompromising style, and their commitment to supporting independent designers and optical boutiques, we always feel confident recommending frames from OGI Eyewear’s stellar collections. 

OGI Eyewear