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When the temperature starts to rise and the days start to get longer, we can’t help but get a boost of energy and any feelings of hibernation slowly begin to fade. With this comes that summertime excitement associated with decking yourself out in the latest summer fashions. 

Whether you need to look stylish while blocking out the sun’s rays or want to update your prescription glasses for a more summery look, we can help you find affordable and fashionable eyewear for this summer.

Wondering what the most popular eyewear styles and shapes are gracing the faces of fashionistas and models this summer season? Round frames-metal and plastic, and large yet thinner silhouettes are rising in popularity, yet you can never go wrong with classic cat eye frames, aviators and square frames.

Summer eyewear for the business professional

Whether you love business/business casual wear or you’re forced into it because of your work, it’s important to imbue a sense of trust and confidence toward your colleagues and clients. You should stick to conservative frame shapes and colors. For those of you who want to keep up with the latest trends, you do have some options that will make you stand out as a business professional. 

You ought to consider the slim and ever elegant club master browline glasses. They are suitable for both men and women, and when you go for the semi-rimless frames, you immediately add an extra level of style to your ensemble. It’s wise to keep to the classic colors of black, brown, espresso, but you can always add a bit of personal style with tortoise shell patterns (which are all the range this summer, even outside of the business world). Gold metal wireframe glasses are also stylish this season.


When considering your summer eyewear purchase, you shouldn’t go on fashion trends alone. You must also take into account which of the latest frame trends will best suit your face shape. There are four main face shapes, including round, square, oval and heart-shaped (or upside down triangle, if you’re too macho for hearts). 

The overall rule when choosing frames to fit your face is that they should balance out your features. So, if you have a round face, you should avoid round frames and choose a more angular look, such as rectangular frames where the frames are wider than they are tall. 

Square shaped faces, on the other hand, should go for round, oval or pillow frames. And women with a square face can go for the favorite cat eye frames to further define their features. 

Cat eye frames and butterfly frames are also an excellent choice for heart-shaped faces who need to balance out their broad forehead/narrow chin dynamic. Men with upside down triangle faces can go with the trendy round frames this summer season. 

And finally, the oval shaped face. Well, you can get away with any of the summer season trends because most eyewear frames will flatter your balanced features.


Once you’ve decided which eyeglass frames are the perfect match for your face shape and style, you can consider frame colors. Which color trends are popping up in fashion this summer?

You’ll be seeing tortoise shell frames everywhere this season. Even within the tortoise shell pattern, there a lot of color palettes that you can choose from. So, you’ll be able to find the best one to compliment your hair and skin tone. 

Teal is another favorite eyeglass color this year. Its dark color, made from shades of blue and green, will resemble the beach in your summer background. 
We don’t want to forget gold metal wireframes, which are mega popular at the moment. You can dress them up or down, go for a timeless look or something for funky depending on your attire. 

And finally, you can go with no color at all! With clear frame eyewear, you can wear them with prescription lenses or just rock classic ones with accentuate your style.


Ready to rock the hottest summer eyewear trends this summer? Vogue Vision has a wide selection of the latest styles for you to choose from that won’t damage your wallet. 

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